About us

About Geexu

We make beautiful things.

We at geexu, are a group of reliable and seasoned digital innovators who are passionate about crafting thoughtful solutions with the help of technology.

We take care of the technical aspects of your business so you can focus on taking it to greater heights.

What we do?

Our passion for providing digital solutions propels us to constantly & consistently deliver stellar results when it comes to creating and executing web applications, mobile applications, web development, JAM development, as well as UI/UX development.

Our team of experts have always and will always deliver nothing but the absolute best.


Problem solving mentality

We love challenges. We really do. Which is why we approach all our projects with a solution oriented mindset that is hinged on learning, and applying the same in innovative and effective ways.

Driven by passion

We are fueled by our passion to provide thoughtful solutions to business challenges through digital innovation.

You talk, we listen

Effective and efficient collaboration demands one thing: communication. This is why, we promise to truly listen, understand, and apply what has been asked of us before, during, and even after the process.

Committed to integrity

Over the past few years we have honed the ability to provide superior deliverables that are efficient. Moreover, they are built to hold ground in the ever changing digital landscape for years to come.

our team

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Harish Boke

Co-Founder & Vice President

An ambitious problem solver with passion for web. Harish is passionate about entrepreneurship, He started his first business at the age of 20. Harish is also a skilled Web Developer, adept at reducing the amount of work required of end users to navigate software. He enjoys turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs. As a deeply inquisitive person, he devotes his extra time prototyping new ideas

Harish has over a decade experience in the IT Industry having worked on several complex projects in the spheres of social enterprises, the automobile industry, eduction and security.

He is an expert in Frontend Technologies, Architecture Design, Performance Optimisation, User Experience and Design, among other complex systems. Harish believes in high standards and processes in his work and thrives on customer satisfaction.

People @ Geexu

At Geexu, we are blessed with a strong, diverse team of equally driven, curious and creative minds who strive to work towards the company goal and support each other along the way. We work hard and we play to win… within normal business hours. This balance between professional and personal life is highly essential - it encourages us to keep working to the best of our ability without letting that smile fade away ‘coz happy teams make happy workplaces’. As a result, we’ve been successful in creating a place where all the magic happens while working alongside people we respect, admire and trust.

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Effective and efficient collaboration demands one thing: communication. This is why, we promise to truly listen, understand, and apply.